a fly in Paris is a French agency following you in Paris. We discreetly film you to create unique video memories that you can share with your family or friends. So you will be free to fully enjoy of your special moments in Paris: just smile, we take care of the cameras. a fly in Paris will be your French fly on the wall!

Choose the package that suits you the most in terms of shooting time, or opt for a fully customized formula. We will immortalize your walk on the Champs-Élysées, your navigation on the Seine, your ascent of the Eiffel Tower, your shopping sprees, your adventures in an amusement park… and much more! Tell us about your course when booking or ask our advice, we are here to help you. We can even shoot your arrival at Paris’ airport. a fly in Paris fits your schedule: we can join you at any time and place, even at night.

Our french Team is a duet composed of a charming, dynamic and English-speaking helper, and of a professional cameraman / director who will film you. The helper will be there to help you in your parisian visit or shopping and answer all of your questions about payment, train tickets or whatever you always wanted to know about parisian way of life. Her main role : she is the link between you and the cameraman / director, because he will need to concentrate on getting the best images as possible. If you wish, we can also take some photos of your complete group.

About our methods, we have 2 ways of filming:
• Discreet filming : the cameraman will try to be as invisible as possible to let you forget about us and the camera… for natural images and behaviors.
• Interaction filming : you talk and look at the camera, you tell us your point of view of what you are doing and seeing…
We recommend both methods to combine authenticity, spontaneity and friendliness.

From the different takes of your stay, the cameraman / director will create a music video, incorporating one or more music of your choice. You may prefer having a total surprise about music chosen? No problem.

In both cases, just be patient some days and you will be able to download your video with a private link, and discover the wonderful HD result. If you appreciate touching, we recommend you to ask for our DVD option… and the gift box: nice and unique effect guaranteed. So, ready to keep the French touch forever at home?

A dedicated team at your side in Paris

Our charming and dynamic coordinator is your dedicated contact for all of this project. Please never hesitate to ask if you have questions, she will be pleased to inform you and share with you.

She speaks english, and has studied communication, marketing and events. She will help you during your filmed stay, and will be discreet to let you live your experience with authenticity. Her main role will be to communicate your intentions to the cameraman / director, who will be concentrated to the filming.

Our cameraman / editor / director will film you during your tour. He will adapt to situations in order to get as beautiful images as possible, that will be then edited in a very nice way.

This professional is working for French and international tv channels, he is editing reports and interviews of international popstars for more than 10 years. On youtube, his total videos get millions of views. For you, he will use adapted material, in particular Sony FX-1000 et un Canon 7D.


Professional equipment

professionnal equipement

You are planning a trip in Paris? Discover our packages, our fully customized formula and our options to picture your best moments for ever.

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  • Les plus belles images du voyage de vos rêves ! Les plus belles images du voyage de vos rêves !
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General conditions:

a Fly in Paris is a French agency that makes memories videos for French or English-speaking tourists, coming to Paris. The team is composed of one coordinator/helper and one cameraman/editor/director. This team will go with tourists and film them, for the time they chose when they booked. The tour in Paris has to be defined before starting the shooting, according to the tourists ideas or our team propositions. The coordinator is mainly the link between the tourists and the cameraman. She could help tourists during the visits but she is not a guide.

a fly in Paris will pick out the best shot images in order to make a music video. It will be using one or more music, provided by the tourists before the shooting. Tourists may also prefer letting the director choose music(s) that best match for the scenes. Final video is made for private use only, not for public release by any means whatsoever. Client will be responsible in case of public release / broadcasting. The video will be available on a private downloading (link will be given by email), with a deadline according to the package (the sending of the DVD is an option).

a fly in Paris activity is official and services are charged in EUROS. Payment is to give in Paris just before the beginning of the shot tour in exchange of the bill.

About additional fees. Our packages include the preparation before and during the Parisian tour, and the coordination and the best filming as possible under live conditions. Transportation for our team in Paris by metro and RER are included to the fees. Transportation for our team outside Paris, or by another mean such as Taxi, are charged to the client. The access to our team to paying places or activities (Tour Eiffel for example), are charged to the client. a fly in Paris will be glad to come with you in special places such as theme parks, but tourists have to understand that the filming conditions may be harder. This is the reason why the tour has to be defined before filming.

a Fly in Paris will do its best to create best memories videos ever!