banniere-box2Do you want more magic? This gift box is for you, hand-made by a Fly in Paris and sent to your home. This box will contain several surprises, specially chosen for you, together with your video memories on a DVD with a personalized cover. This unique item will always reminds you of your wonderful trip and you will be able to easily show and lend it to your family & friends. This DVD is readable on compatible players such as DVD/Blu-ray home players and computers.

This option does not include the shooting during your Paris tour and the video making. This option is to add to the package of your choice.

*noncontractual picture

€ +249

  • 1 special box
  • 1 DVD video with personalized cover
  • surprise gifts
  • delivered 4 weeks after filming

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  • Des souvenirs inoubliables immortalisés en vidéo ! Des souvenirs inoubliables immortalisés en vidéo !
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